engineering properties of sand for cement block in nigeria

  • A study on the engineering properties of sandcrete blocks

    2015-09-19· on some properties of the block. His results revealed that a sandcrete mix of 1:6 (cement/sand ratio) required up to 40% cement replace-ment and a mix of 1:8 ratio required up to 30%, are adequate for sandcrete block production in Nigeria. However, it is

  • Comparative Study of Cement Stabilized Clay stone and Sandcrete

    2015-01-20· Nigeria Samson R. Akinola Department of Urban and Regional Planning Abstract This study analyzed the engineering properties and cost of production of cement stabilized clay bricks and sandcrete block maker will increase the cement/sand ratio in

  • Properties of Cement- Physical & stone Civil

    2020-08-02· Cement, a popular binding material, is a very important civil engineering material.This article concerns the physical and stone properties of cement, as well as the methods to test cement properties.. Physical Properties of Cement. Different blends of cement used in construction are characterized by their physical properties.


    2014-07-06· Journal of Engineering Sciences, Assiut University, Vol. 38,No. 3, pp.655-6 69,May 2010 . 655 PHYSICAL AND stone PROPERTIES FOR STABILIZED SAND USING CEMENT KILN DUST EL Sharif M. Abdel Aziz 1, Ahmed K. Altohamy 2, and Ahmed R Towfeek 3 1 Civil Eng. Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Assiut Unversity, Assiut, Egypt 2 Civil Eng. Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Al


    Cement: The cement widely used in Nigeria is the Ordinar y Portland Cement (OPC) and the Dangote Cement with properties conforming to BS 12 (British Standards Institution, 1971).


    2015-09-16· The word sandcrete is a product of only sand, cement and water, without coarse aggregate or stones. This would be called sand-cement mixtures. 1.4 BLOCK The word block is a prismatic shape made from any kind of materials such as wood, metal, glass, etc which could be used for any purpose. In this case this block is moulded or

  • Properties of Good Cement Civil Engineering

    2020-08-04· It is always desirable to use the best cement in constructions. Therefore, the properties of a cement must be investigated. Although desirable cement properties may vary depending on the type of construction, generally a good cement possesses following properties (which depend upon its composition, thoroughness of burning and fineness of grinding).

  • The Technology Of Block Making Properties Nigeria

    2020-07-29· Skilled block makers using a metal contraption called a mold, they use this mold to compress mixed cement/sand/water to form blocks and leave them on the ground to set. The second method was a product of industialization and the need for increased output to meet builders demand. A machine was invented to help compress mixed sand and produce blocks.


    2010-03-02· cement amounts can be reduced because concrete strength is directly related to the water/cement ratio. Definition of Mineral Admixtures Mineral admixtures include fly ash, hydrated lime, silica fume and ground blast furnace slag. Many of these materials have cement-like properties, augmenting the strength and density of the finished concrete.

  • Grade Of Concrete and water Cement Ratio YouTube

    2017-10-29· in this Video Lecture you are able to Learn what is grade of concrete and water cement ratio in detail. and also concrete grade table with water cement ratio. To Read Articles :civilglobal

  • Properties of Cement LinkedIn SlideShare

    2017-03-02· Properties of Cement 1. Cement : Properties and Types of Cement 2. Field Testing of Cement • Open the bag and take a good look at the cement. There should not be any visible lumps.The colour of the cement should normally be greenish grey. • Thrust your hand into the cement


    2015-06-11· Engineering & Physical Properties of Stones The following are the engineering and physical properties of the stones that should be looked into before selecting them for engineering works: 1. Structure The structure of the

  • How to Make Concrete Blocks Manufacturing Cement

    2020-07-30· Concrete block, sometimes called cement stone (or cement stock brick) are widely used as building material. Automatic or semi-automatic machines are available for making concrete block, but it is possible to make them in the free available space of your home. And if you are serious, you can start your own home business of making and selling concrete block.


    2013-10-11· CONCRETE-BLOCK FOR WALLS IN BUILDING CONSTRUCTION IN NIGERIA Alausa S.K.1*, dependent on the thermal properties and the nature of the material. Concrete-blocks made from cement, aggregate (sharp sand) and water mixed in simple ratio (Plumb, 1991)

  • Use of Cement-Sand Admixture in Laterite stone

    2013-08-11· Use of Cement-Sand Admixture in Laterite stone Production for Low Cost Housing . Isaac Olufemi AGBEDE and MANASSEH JOEL . Department of Civil Engineering, University of Agriculture, Makurdi Benue State, Nigeria [email protected], [email protected] Abstract. Laterite was modified with 45% sand content by dry weight and stabilized with up to 9% cement

  • Effect of replacement of natural sand by manufactured sand on the properties of cement

    2017-12-12· Effect of replacement of natural sand by manufactured sand on the properties of cement mortar Priyanka A. Jadhav, Dilip K. Kulkarni International Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering 622 Volume 3 Issue 3 2013 Amnon and Hadassa, 2006: studied the effect of high levels of fines content on concrete properties.


    2016-09-09· for the mud block with 5%cement and 3% straw fibre. As per IS 1725,the compressive strength range is between 2-3 N/mm. 2. 2.4 Water Absorption Test . Initially the weight of each of the mud block specimen was taken (W1), then mud block specimen were soaked in water. After 24 hours of water absorption, specimens were taken out, wiped and

  • Sandcrete Blocks and Quality Management in Nigeria Building

    2020-05-24· production in Nigeria. 2.1. Sandcrete Block Block is a composition of usually (1:6) mix of cement and sharp sand with the barest minimum of water mixture, and in some cases admixture, moulded and dried naturally. NIS 87:2000 defines sandcrete block as a composite material made up of cement, sand and water, moulded into different sizes.

  • Thermal Conductivity > ENGINEERING

    2006-10-23· The latest engineering related news and articles from around the world. Designer Edge Concrete block, 3 oval cores: Sand/gravel, 20 cm thick-1.0- 1.1-Same with filled cores-0.60-Plastering Materials: Cement plaster, sand aggregate: 1,860. 0.72-Gypsum plaster, sand aggregate: 1,680. 0.22. 1,085. Gypsum plaster

  • Specification and Quality Control of Light Weight Foam Concrete

    2017-07-02· Sand = 0.0054 m3 Cement = 0.311bag 3.3. Trail Mix-C: Keep water/cement ratio=0.77 by weight, cement:flyash:sand =1:1:1 by volume proportion is used, foaming agent:water= 1:25 is used and no sand content is required for this trail. See Table.1 Finding the quantity of cement, flyash and sand with their proportions 1:1:1

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